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    it’s time to go shopping.

    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about shopping in February: sales.  Yay!  Just about all my favorite retailers are having some kind of sale right now, and they are all pretty darn good.  Early spring sales are my favorite for a couple reasons.  One, a lot of good winter basics get marked down while the weather still permits wear time.  Two, you can score really good deals and stash them away for next season.  Sweaters can easily be paired with culottes or midi skirts for a spring transition outfit.  Dark denim works year-round.  And a variety of coats/jackets are necessary for any wardrobe.

    I wish I had time to share all the good sales I’ve stumbled across…

    …but, I don’t.  So, instead, I’m sharing my top picks from the current sale at Nordstrom.  40% off!  Because when there’s a Nordstrom sale, you take advantage.  That is a rule.  Their sales always include a wide range of items and they carry brands you can trust.  All my picks are under $100 (another yay!), my top five shown below, plus more included in the widget below.

    Are you taking advantage of any sales this week?

    Nordstrom Sale

    nordstrom sale - spring sales

    nordstrom sale - spring sales

    nordstrom sale - spring sales

    nordstrom sale - spring sales

    nordstrom sale - spring sales

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