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    a weekend in winter park, colorado.

    winter park colorado - colorado ski trip

    This past weekend, we had the pleasure of spending three days in the winter wonderland of Winter Park, Colorado.  From arriving in the early hours of Thursday to leaving in the even earlier hours of Sunday, everything was fantastic.  The weather, our cabin, the mountain. Fresh snow fell every day on the mountain, the slopes were beautiful and the quaint village was adorable.  It was the exact winter escape we needed.

    My love for snowboarding began on the snowy slopes about fifteen years ago in Minnesota.  A quick Saturday trip with my brother, his friends, and a rental board proved to be the beginning of a love affair.  I’ve loved winter for as long as I can remember, so sliding down a hill strapped into bindings on a board felt like a natural extension from the start.  The winter sport is challenging, but so addictive-ly rewarding at the same time.  After departing the lift at the top and taking off toward the base, there’s no other place your mind can be than in that moment.  Concentration on the path ahead, on your balance, and if you’re lucky, on the tricks you can try to land along the way.  Such a contrast from everyday life, and it has become a necessity for my well-being.  And all those feelings are amplified in the mountains.  So, after snowboarding in Colorado the first time three years ago, I realized there’s no better place.

    OK… back to Winter Park.

    Oh, what an amazing place!  First of all, we didn’t know what to expect but instantly fell in love with the grandeur of the resort.  A total of twenty-five lifts carry you up to the green, blue, and black-marked runs sprawling around seven territories with breathtaking views – the highest peak sitting at 12,000 feet.  Yes, that was a rhyme.  The fresh snow we had every day simply added to WP’s greatness.  When we needed a break, there were stops along the slopes, but also multiple places within the village at the base.  Winter Park village is truly the picturesque ski town with gear shops, bars and restaurants scattered along it’s cobblestone paths.  Whether you ski or not, there’s something to enjoy.

    Since we spent our days on the slopes and quickly changed into comfortable duds at the cabin, my outfits consisted of my Burton gear and sweaters and leggings.  Pretty simple… and no complaints.  Also, since I concentrated on staying in the moment, all my photos were iPhone snaps.  Again, no complaints… because it was the most amazing winter escape.  Hope you enjoy.


    xoxo. a

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