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monthly recap

    monthly recap.

    let’s review – october.

    Working on: holiday plans and posts – leave any requests/ideas in the comments below!
    Wearing: anything with plaid and fur – is there anything more appropriate this time of year?
    Making: a lot of comfort food now that it’s cold, but need new ideas.  Have any?
    Loving: our time at the farm for harvest, one of our favorite places.
    Reading: almost finished with Origin by Dan Brown – I’ll have a review up this week!
    Enjoying: our Iceland and Norway memories.  More Norway recaps to come in November.
    Feeling: ready to plan our next getaway.
    Watching: Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Modern Family …. finally, all our shows are back on!

    xoxo. a

  • monthly recap.

    let’s review – july.

    Working on: exciting travel plans – stay tuned! Wearing: rotating a few key summer pieces, including my new favorite jean skirt….