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    the beauty of mailed invitations.

    Basic Invite

    I don’t know about at your house, but we’re slowly rolling into the time of year where invitations fill the mailbox and the calendar books up.  Anyone else?  And now that we’re easing out of the ten-weddings-a-year phase, our mixture of events mostly involves weekend getaways, baby showers, kids birthday parties, and family get-together’s.  Of course, a wedding here and there.  T and I hosted a fun New Year’s Eve party, but beyond that, we’re focusing on final home renovations and travelling in the finale of our 20s.  However, that doesn’t mean others don’t have exciting events to plan or guest lists to make.  Which is where Basic Invite comes to the rescue with fun and colorful invitations for any event.

    Basic Invite offers over 180 different color options for any element on their invitations and cards…

    …and it doesn’t stop there.  Along with their almost unlimited color palette, envelopes are offered in 40 different colors and customized samples are sent.  I would have loved to receive a custom sample for our wedding instead of blindly placing an order.  Talk about a peace of mind, actually seeing the invitation with your name on it.  Basic Invite also has a unique address capturing service.  Most invitation websites offer addressing on their envelopes, but I’ve never heard of an address capturing service.  Brides, hosts, new mamas, or the birthday boy can simply share a link on social media requesting guests’ addresses.  Once “captured” the address is stored within the Basic Invite account for printing.  I mean, how genius is that??


    Announcement Cards


    Picture Invitations


    Formal Birthday Invitation


    With modern technology, Facebook events, e-vites, and who knows what other avenues (I can’t keep up), it’s easy to bypass a formal invitation.  Maybe it’s easier to send a text or a Facebook announcement, but no matter how advanced technology gets, nothing beats a personalized piece of paper in a mailbox.  Ammiright?  Between all the junk mail and bills, wouldn’t a Monday feel so much better with a bright, colorful, fun invitation to a friend’s event?  I think yes.  And then we all have something to look forward to.  So even though this time of year gets a little overwhelming and the calendar fills up quicker than expected, we still love opening those envelopes.

    Do you still send paper invitations?


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    *Compensation may have been received from Basic Invite for this sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.