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    5 not-so-basic closet staples

    So far this year, I’ve made more trips to Goodwill than I ever have before, visited numerous consignment stores in the area and finally signed up for ThredUp.  The reason?  I’m finally getting a handle on my closet inventory.  It’s a year of less in our household and at the same time we’re trying to cut down on grocery store trips, we’re emptying the closets and basement of unnecessary items.  And we’ve never felt better.

    Obviously, having a creative outlet for my fashion hobby doesn’t necessarily support the”less”, but instead of my regular shopping habits, I have challenged myself to curate a collection more thoughtfully.  Buying more consciously, more strategically and even starting a one-in, one-out process.  For every new item that gets added, I donate, consign or add to my ThredUp bag.  While teaching myself these new ways – which has taken a bit, I will admit – I’ve finally realized it’s not about buying more to solve the “nothing to wear” mystery.  It’s about consistently buying the right pieces.  The ones that will fill holes, be flexible across all seasons and have the quality to last.

    So, as I’m rifling through my closet week after week, month after month, trying to curate a near perfect collection, I decided to take some notes.  What are the items I keep going back to?  What are my true basics?  Pieces beyond a simple white tank (even though you need those too!) that elevate any outfit to look not-so-basic.

    And I have my top 5 right here.

    Black jumpsuit

    Something I’ve come to treasure – for an event, date night, wedding, whatever, this is a perfect go-to.  An embroidered or ruffled one stands out, but a simple silhouette is always classic.

    Light jacket

    A black moto jacket or a suede draped option, just make sure it’s light enough to layer.  Something that will work from spring to winter and back again.  My personal favorite from Topshop gets rotated regularly in my weekly outfits.


    Obvious, right?  My heel obsession made it difficult to realize the importance of good-quality flats, but in recent years, I’ve started investing.  Have fun with these – leopard print can be a neutral and suede or velvet is an easy way to add texture.


    Long sleeve, tank top, loose-fitted tee – whatever it is, it can be striped!  My favorite pattern to layer, the classic stripe elevates any everyday look to a not-so-basic outfit.


    Maybe another obvious choice, but many shy away from investing in quality denim.  My personal favorite are skinny jeans, and my go-to spot at the moment is Banana Republic.  But, if you’re looking for a bargain, Old Navy denim has a great cut and an amazing price tag.

    What are your favorite not-so-basic closet staples?
    xoxo.  a
    *ThredUp has truly changed the game for me and I highly recommend the service!  You can learn more here! (not sponsored)