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    wishing you a happy holiday.

    There are officially three sleeps left until Christmas morning – are you ready?  The presents are wrapped, goodies are made and all I have left is packing.  We’re lucky enough to be able to spend time with both T and I’s family during the holidays, and we’re heading to mine first.  Packing during the holidays can be difficult with the wrapped gifts and food we tow along.  But one thing is for certain, I won’t forget my favorite Christmas pajamas.  An absolute necessity while lounging around and for Christmas morning.  Speaking of Christmas morning necessities, I have a few…

    Christmas Morning Necessities

    • coffee
    • fuzzy slippers
    • Christmas pajamas
    • a sugary treat
    • family/friends

    The presents are just an added bonus.  As for that sugary treat, my mom always makes these cinnamon-sugar muffins that are just to die for.  The smell & the taste will forever remind me of Christmas morning and all the memories we’ve created.  And all the memories we have yet to create!

    Here’s to a wonderful Christmas for all.  I truly hope you enjoy the time you have with family and friends this weekend.  Cherish the moment, stay in the moment, and don’t forget your pajamas.

    Christmas morning - Christmas pajamas Christmas morning - Christmas pajamas Christmas morning - Christmas pajamas Christmas morning - Christmas pajamas Christmas morning - Christmas pajamas

    Happy Holidays.

    xoxo.  a

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