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  • lifestyle.

    no. 3

      Truth.   …. and maybe some coffee. It’s the little things. xoxo.  a

  • lifestyle.

    what’s in my bag.

    Happy Wednesday!  We’re almost through another week, so hang in there… I’ve been wanting to do a “what’s in my…

  • lifestyle.

    no. 2

    It’s Wednesday again. How do the weeks go by so fast?  Tomorrow is Thursday… I’ll have a glass of wine…

  • lifestyle., travel.

    marco island.

    Vacations don’t happen enough, do they? We arrived back home from our four day hiatus in Marco Island, Florida and…

  • agnes., lifestyle.

    lookin’ good.

    Welcome to the new and improved Agnes Wright!  Take a look around, and hang out for a while! Now that my…

  • fashion., lifestyle.

    fashion feed.

    Lazy like a Sunday morning… After another long day of spring cleaning, garden shopping and planting yesterday, this house wore…

  • agnes., lifestyle.

    liebster award #2.

    The most rewarding part of blogging is connecting to people all over the country… and the world!  Thank you to Nadi…