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  • fashion.

    sugarfix by baublebar.

    When it comes to accessories, I’m known to keep it pretty simple.  My overall collection mostly consists of cozy scarves,…

  • fashion.

    warby parker.

    If I had to choose a favorite accessory for any season, it would be a pair of awesome shades or classic…

  • fashion.

    la la land.

    I watched La La Land this weekend.  Finally.  Have you seen it? Well, I’m obsessed.  Along with the rest of…

  • fashion.

    sorel + patagonia.

    Patagonia Winter Coat - Sorel Boots

    When it’s the beginning of February and temperatures are reaching mid-40’s, most Iowans couldn’t be happier.  Especially when the snow…

  • fashion.

    JORD wood watch.

    If you came over to my house and looked at the sweater collection folded on the top shelf of my…