what we’ve learned after 2 years of marriage.

Yesterday, T and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary.  November 7, 2015 was absolutely the best day and we love reflecting on it (check out my Insta-stories for my trip down memory lane).  But instead of sharing more wedding photos like I did for our first anniversary, I thought I’d do something a little different.  And include T!  So, after asking him for input, we each came up with two things we’ve learned in our two years of marriage.  He did pretty great.

Here are my two…

Encourage, don’t discourage

A common theme in our relationship, even from the start, was that we never tell each other “no”.  I mean, I say “no” to things like eating pizza every night or hanging Michael Jordan posters in the living room.  Can you blame me?  But when it comes to ideas, dreams, hopes, wishes, we are in each other’s corner 100%.  T and I can be total opposites and in the way I’m super creative, he’s super logical.  And when I feel the need to express that creativity – most of the time through my outfits – he would never discourage me.  That encouragement works both ways from me to him.  We may make suggestions with our own opinions, but we’re always open to the other’s decision.

Keep laughing

It’s 100% true – sometimes you just need to be with the one who makes you laugh.  If you asked me what my favorite part of our relationship has been, I would, without hesitation, answer with our laughter.  I can be an inherently melancholy person, but no matter where I’m at with T, we always find something to laugh about.  Even if we’re sitting on the couch watching The Office reruns, a good laugh goes a long way after a hard day and there’s no person I’d rather come home to.

…and here’s what T has to say.

There’s a lot of give and take

This year has been a bit crazy for us – a home renovation, a new puppy, travelling and just going about daily life.  And between all that, we’re still making daily decisions on small stuff like what to eat for dinner and which Netflix show to start next.  No matter if we were picking out cabinets or deciding on taco night, we’ve learned there’s a lot of give and take.  And after a few years, the “pick your battles” mantra becomes clear, but the key is never holding those “wins” against each other.  Recognize when you’re wrong and what is more important in each situation.

Experience new things together

We’re pretty guilty of falling into routine on a day-to-day basis while at home, but we’re constantly making plans to travel or try new things.  Since spending our 1st anniversary in Toronto, we’ve also visited the BVI’s, Iceland, Norway, Las Vegas and a few other small weekend getaways.  After every trip, we always feel like our relationship grows – even after 7 total years together – and we also grow individually.  Travelling doesn’t always have to be the answer, it’s just what we love to do.  For other couples, trying new things could simply involve a new recipe at home or visiting a new park in your city.  Spending quality time together with new experiences keeps things interesting and fun.

Do you and your significant other have any secrets to a successful relationship?

xoxo.  a

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