how to transition into fall trends.

fall fashion trends - transitioning into fall fashion

Can you believe it’s September?

Just like that, summer has come to an end (unofficially) and everything is revolving around fall.  Including wardrobes!  I get so excited for boots and sweaters, but being completely honest, I sometimes dread the transition into fall fashion trends.  The first morning of crisp air gets me anxious to layer up and just as fast, the warm sunshine in the afternoon has me shedding the layers faster than you can say pumpkin spice latte.  And as much as I love fall and all the clothes that come with it, I’m not always up for sacrificing comfort (in my case, getting too hot) for the sake of a cute flannel scarf.

So, since I’m usually the last one to step into my knee-high riding boots and put on my wool cardigan, I’ve rounded four consistent fall fashion trends that are key to have during the transition.  Items that can be styled perfectly “fall-esque”, but won’t bake you in those too-hot-to-be-fall days.  Or just as easily layered up in case mother nature decides to cooperate.

#1 | Long-Sleeve Dresses

I am on the hunt for more long-sleeved dresses and I’m loving the colors and patterns available this year.  The long-sleeve/short skirt combo is such a happy medium when it’s cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon.  Throw on a scarf or hat and pair ankle booties to make it the perfect fall transition look.

#2 | Peep-Toe Booties

Did I mention I’m obsessed with my open-toe ankle booties?  I’ve worn my favorite neutral pair (from last year) so many times, I think they need a companion for rotation.  Perfect with a long-sleeve dress – as mentioned above – absolutely work appropriate and easy to wear before those high boots are necessary.  I’ll be rocking these until mid-October, no doubt.

#3 | Midi Skirts

If I could wear a pleated midi-skirt every day, I would be the happiest girl on the planet.  Seriously!  My Pinterest boards are full of them – paired with graphic tees, sweaters, sneakers, you name it!  I’m slowly working on my collection and scored a perfect black one during the Nordstrom sale.  Needless to say, I’ve been wearing it non-stop.  The perfect fall companion as mini-skirts can be saved for summer.

#4 | Plaid Tops

I mean, plaid is a given, right?  But the fall pattern doesn’t stop with button-down flannels – there are so many cute sleeveless options and short sleeve tops that I’m crushing on and would gladly wear until the weather cools off for good.  And all these ruffle options?  Sign me up!

What are you favorite trends to transition into fall?

xoxo. a

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