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hello fresh meal delivery

Imagine coming home on Monday night, after a long day at work, to a pre-measured, easy-to-cook meal that comes together in minutes.  As a result, you get more time with your family, more time to relax, or read, or hang out with your puppy and watch Shameless – like at our house.  No matter what you want more time for on the weeknights, I’m here to tell you HelloFresh meal delivery will be your life saver.

I hadn’t read or researched a lot about these meals via UPS, but when I knew a busy week was ahead and I scored a discount code, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try.  And turns out, no Sunday trip to the grocery store and no food waste is something I could get used to.

Not only did I love the convenience of finding fresh ingredients on my door step – did I mention pre -measured? – but I also loved mixing up the weekly menu rotation.  My husband and I both have our favorite recipes, but sometimes you just need something new.  Choosing three out of eight meal choices, our HelloFresh package included BBQ chicken with a cheesy pasta side, crispy cheddar frico cheeseburgers (featured here!), and country gravy pork chops.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Our favorite was definitely the cheeseburgers, but the other two were great as well.  All of the ingredients tasted great, were conveniently packaged and came in recyclable paper bags.  I couldn’t get over the fun sized ketchup in the burger pack!

Oh, and one other thing…

Since I do love to cook, another great upside is learning new techniques.  I had no idea noodles and green beans could be boiled together – saves on clean up!  I also fried onions for the first time and broiled broccoli to the point where I actually enjoyed it.

Sound intrigued yet?  You can save $40 on your first HelloFresh order with my code!

hellofresh meal delivery hellofresh meal delivery hellofresh meal delivery hellofresh meal delivery

But can I justify the price?

With the code I received, my first delivery ended up being just over $30, which is way less than I would have spent at the grocery store and so, so worth it for the convenience.  Regularly, the service for two portions is just over $50 and I’m still going back and forth on keeping my subscription active.  Not because I didn’t love it, but I would still need to make a weekly trip to the grocery store for breakfast/staple items so if I could keep that bill down, maybe HelloFresh will become a staple in this house.  For now, I’m going to reserve it for hectic weeks and when I need recipe inspiration!

hellofresh meal delivery hellofresh meal delivery hellofresh meal delivery hellofresh meal delivery


Interested in trying HelloFresh?  Get $40 off your first delivery when you use my code.  Click here!

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