do’s & don’ts for wedding gifting.

It’s officially summer this week and that also means wedding season is in full swing.  Will you be a wedding guest this summer?  Me too.  And besides figuring out what to wear, I can also struggle with buying a gift for the happy couple.  So, I wanted to share my tips for wedding gifting which include my personal do’s and don’ts.

On a side note, my schedule has been out of sorts this past week due to our new four-pawed addition to the family.  I also took a social media break this weekend, which I always encourage once in a while.  I’ll be back to my normal routine this week as our little Cooper gets a little more independent.

Ok, back to the regular scheduled programming…


Get personal.  Especially if you’re in the wedding party or you’re close friends with the couple.  This is the one time I stray from the registry (more comments on this below) and it usually involves searching Etsy for a personalized gift or finding something sentimental if it’s appropriate.

Honor the couple’s wishes.  Anymore, it seems a lot of couples already have what they need to begin their life together.   Maybe they’ve lived together for a couple years or they’re older and have acquired enough kitchen gadgets and home decor to last them a while and all they really want is a travel experience.  Or a donation to their favorite charity.  In this case, I always stick with their wishes.  If they didn’t register for any material items and would rather venture off together on an adventure, I’m all for it.  Those memories will last forever and you’ve helped them get there.

Order online & ship to the couple directly.  I cannot express enough how amazing this is for the couple.  When my husband and I were getting married, we loved this the most.  One, it’s fun to come home to a package on the stoop and two, there’s no hassle with transportation.  Most retail stores have online options, but I personally love for wedding registries and buying gifts.  Instead of choosing one retailer to register at, couples can choose Zola and gather items from around the web for guests to view in one place.  They can also set up a money fund for honeymoons!  And for guests, it’s so simple.  Zola keeps the happy couple’s address and ships directly to them with no hassle.

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Always stick to the registry.  Ok, I’ll contradict myself on this one. I am a true believer in registries, especially if you’re unsure of their taste, what they have/don’t have, etc.  A couple registers for a reason and gift shopping cannot get any easier than when someone picks out the gift they want.  But, again, if it’s your best friend or you’re in the bridal party, sometimes opting for a personalized gift is even better.  Oh, and everyone loves cash.

Not buy it because you don’t like it.  I used to work at a bridal store that also sold home decor/registry items for couples and part of my job was helping people pick gifts for couples off their registry.  You would not believe how many times people refused to buy a couple’s registry items because they didn’t like it.  I understand it’s your money, but the couple picked the gifts out for a reason.  Don’t go guessing and buying something completely opposite in taste.  As much as all wedding gifts are appreciated, those are the ones still in storage years later.

Feel bad about going to the wedding/reception empty handed.  And by empty-handed,  I mean the gift was already sent to the couple via online ordering (see comments above) or delivered ahead of time.  Obviously not everyone will go this route and all weddings will have a place for gifts and cards, but the couple will not notice if your gift isn’t sitting at the reception.  Actually, the person carting the gifts from the reception will thank you too.  It saves hassle for you and the couple in the end so plan ahead and go enjoy the party!

Do you have any rules for wedding gift shopping?

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All photos are from our November 2015 wedding.  Find more details here.


tips for wedding gifting

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