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Noodle Corn Casserole

Once the spring weather hits in full force – as it has the past couple weeks – the first order of business in our house is firing up the grill.  After a long, cold winter of soups and take-out, anything on the grill sounds amazing.  And we all know the best part about grilling season are the side dishes served alongside.

My personal favorite?  Besides twice-baked potatoes, it’s this Noodle Corn Casserole.  Ok, can’t choose just one.

Noodle corn casserole is everything you want a grill season side dish to be – creamy, cheesy, flavorful and oh-so-easy.  Honestly, the recipe is oh-so-easy to remember, too.  One of everything.  One can, one cup, one stick.  One bowl!  Plus easy clean up.  Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen washing dishes when the weather is nice?

Besides the whole creamy and cheesy thing noodle corn casserole has going for it, the recipe is also near and dear to my heart because it comes from grandma.  I challenge you to find recipes better than ones originating in your grandma’s kitchen.  Growing up on a farm meant corn was on the table at almost every meal.  Sweet corn from the fields outside our door that is.  Frozen during harvest to enjoy throughout the year and it was always a treat when this variation was served.  I love the idea of recipes being passed down for generations and since my mom adopted the recipe, I better continue the tradition as well.  Thanks, grams!

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Noodle Corn Casserole

Course Side Dish
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes


  • 1 can cream-style corn, undrained
  • 1 can whole kernel corn, undrained
  • 1 cup raw macaroni
  • 1 stick butter/margarine, cut up
  • 1 cup Velveeta cheese, shredded
  • half onion, chopped


  1. Mix all ingredients in large bowl

  2. Spread into 1 1/2 or 2 quart casserole dish

  3. Cover and bake 1 hour at 350 degrees, taking out at the 20 minute mark to stir

  4. Remove cover toward the end (with about 10 min left) so it browns a little

  5. Let sit a few minutes before serving

Recipe Notes

*Substitute the whole kernel canned corn for frozen sweet corn if you have it.  Makes this dish even more delicious!


xoxo.  a

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