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’tis the season.

The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, the goodies are baked and it’s finally time to sit down and enjoy the holiday season.  Is there anything better than sipping hot chocolate by the tree and staying in pajamas all day?

When I was younger, I used to lay awake all night with excitement about Christmas morning and all the presents waiting under the tree.  I can vividly remember sitting on the stairs listening for my parents footsteps to the coffee maker so I could pester my brother to wake up and run downstairs.  Some years we’d have half the presents open by sunrise.  I promise sleep is more valuable to me as an adult.

Obviously back then my favorite tradition revolved around opening those perfectly wrapped gifts, but the older you get, the more exciting everything else is about the day, and the whole season.  Like buying that perfect gift for someone else to see their face when they open it, or baking a new recipe for a family gathering.  Or even better yet, when your whole family sits down to watch The Family Stone for the 10th year in a row… in our pajamas, of course.

So, as my Christmas records play on repeat over the next couple days, I’ll put the finishing touches on gifts, prepare trays of sweet treats (probably watch a Hallmark movie) and soak up every minute.  Because each Christmas we have together, with family and friends, is a blessing.  I truly hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of love and happiness.

dsc_1099Old Navy Plaid Flannel Pajamasdsc_1101dsc_1160
Pajama Bottoms: Old Navy  |  Top: Old Navy  |  Slippers: UGG  |  Mug: Williams-Sonoma

dsc_1162dsc_1103dsc_1157dsc_1149dsc_1154Pajama Bottoms: Old Navy  |  Top:  Old Navy  |  Slippers: UGG  |  Mug: Williams-Sonoma

Happy Holidays.

xoxo.  a


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