somewhere in the shallow sea.

Somewhere in the Shallow Sea by Dennis Macaraeg

There are times throughout the year when my “to read” book list adds a bit of stress to my life.  Not because I feel like I have to read them, but because I want to read them and time seems to slip away.  We all know I struggled with completing Fall of Giants by Ken Follett this year, but thanks to a couple short, suspenseful reads, I got caught up with my goal.  Ok, not according to Goodreads, but I’ve improved since last year.

Included in these was Somewhere in the Shallow Sea by Dennis Macaraeg – a highly entertaining debut novel.  Taking place throughout the Philippine islands, Danny and Helen are former lovers trapped in a race across the shallow sea to save their friend, Blake.  But why does the ransom include an invention no one should know about?  The mix of suspense, mystery and romance keep pages turning and among the story line are fascinating facts about the Philippine’s and cultures that inhabit them.


I truly enjoyed reading Macaraeg’s story and even more so after learning he backpacked through the Philippines himself which ended up inspiring his novel.  This book is right up my alley with a love story and action packed chapters. I’m already looking forward to his sequel!

Who would I recommend this to?  If you’re a Dan Brown fan, mix it up a bit.  I feel that Macaraeg’s mix of facts and fiction fit in this category.  If you like books that keep you interested so you can finish it in record time, look no further!  And if you’re big on mixing romance with suspense, this one is definitely for you.

Also a great Christmas gift!  Get the Kindle or paperback version on Amazon.

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