strong looks better naked.

As you may remember, Khloe Kardashian’s book Strong Looks Better Naked was shamelessly on my 2016 to-read list.  I’m slightly behind on my book progress for this year, but thanks to this quick read, I’m finally catching up a bit.

Before I dive into my thoughts, I want to make my reasoning clear on why I was compelled to read Khloe’s book.  I’ve watched KKWUK faithfully for many years and have always been intrigued by the Kardashian story, as I am with most major celebrities, and over the past couple years I’ve become more interested in the A-lister book releases. Maybe as I’m getting older, I’m realizing nothing comes without hard work and sacrifice and learning about the road to success through celebrity eyes gives a new perspective.


So, here we go.

Throughout the many years of Kardashian reign on reality TV, Khloe always seemed the most down-to-earth, want-to-grab-a-beer kind of girl.  We watched her be a second mom to Kylie and Kendall, marry Lamar after 30 days of dating, move to Dallas, and eventually divorcing and going through an emotional and physical transformation.  Khloe divides her book into three parts – body, heart and mind – and intertwines advice with stories from her real life, some you’ll know from the headlines, and some you won’t.  But, don’t expect gossip hour.  Khloe does not exploit Lamar in this book or share any family secrets. Her mission is to inspire, talking about how she’s survived her struggles through cardio, kept her mind over matter, and always remembered Robert Kardashian’s invaluable advice.

As I mentioned above, the book is a quick and easy read, written as if Khloe was talking right to you.  Since her new body was the focus of the media for a while, it was interesting to learn her process through such a challenging change.  However, I found it even better to learn how that change effected her mind and heart.  Khloe has a “tough love” approach to life and it’s a refreshing read.

Would I recommend Strong Looks Better Naked Yes and no.  I don’t believe you have to be a fan of the show to enjoy it, but also don’t expect a behind the scenes look at her whole life.  Khloe really focuses on the present and being happy with your body and  I think her words could help anyone going through a hard time, or trying to take the next step to a healthy life.  All in all, I was satisfied with the book and I’m glad I took the time to read it.

Have you read Strong Looks Better Naked?

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