First, I want to admit my reading game has been slacking the past couple months.  Summer always interferes with the amount of time I want to spend reading each year, and even though I did slightly better this time around, I still have a long ways to go on my 2016 book list.

While I’m looking forward to cooler nights spent under a blanket to finally finish Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants (a beast!), I had a pleasant interruption when I picked up Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS over Labor Day weekend.


Right from the start, Amoruso’s unique voice is evident as she tells the story of where she began and how her famed online “galaxy”, Nasty Gal, came to be just that – a galaxy.  An easy read about how her teenage angst, inability to keep a job and unique fashion sense – among many other things – helped her launch a business she originally created to avoid working with people.  She became CEO of the multi-million dollar clothing company by her mid-20’s, without a college degree, and still managed to create a unique, inspiring culture that encourages self expression and the ability to stay weird.

I’m going to avoid using the word “millennial” to describe Sophia, but the way this OG #GIRLBOSS approaches everything from work ethic to marketing to new hire experience is a cool mix of traditional and new age, all stemming from her part-time job saga and life experience.  Her tale of going from bottom to top within a few short years is truly inspiring.

My reason for picking up the book not only stemmed from a love of entrepreneurship but also from the fashion industry, already following Sophia and her galaxy on most social media outlets.  But, would I recommend #GIRLBOSS? Absolutely.  #GIRLBOSS is definitely geared towards women who have high goals of owning or running a company, but even if you’re looking for encouragement during your first job hunt, or simply like shopping at Nasty Gal, it’s a great read.

Have you read #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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