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Happy Wednesday!  We’re almost through another week, so hang in there…

I’ve been wanting to do a “what’s in my bag” post for a while, and finally got organized enough to do so! Disclaimer: my purses are littered with receipts, scribbled notes and mint wrappers most of the time. So, I chose my most essential items, cleaned out the bag, and got ready to share.


First things first, I never leave home without my planner.  Between our social lives, work events, weddings and blog posts, I need to stay organized.  This one is from the Sugar Paper line at Target and has everything you need – monthly calendars, daily planner and lots of extra space for notes.  Plus, the super cute designs make it fun to carry around!


The most obvious essentials are the wallet and the iPhone 6. I’ve had this Aldo wallet for years and it has proved worthy.  Still looks great and I love the simplicity.  Check out similar ones here and here.


Always be prepared with business cards!  You never know when the opportunity may come to hand one out.  My branding was done by an amazing local Des Moines company (and dear friend), Flyover Design Co..  They do everything from wedding invitations to branding to custom signs so make sure to check out their Etsy store!


Other essentials:

  • Sunglasses
  • Lip gloss, lip balm and lip color – Hawaiian Tropic is perfect for summer (with SPF!) and I always throw in a pink color and a clear gloss for touch ups and last minute plans.  I switch over to darker colors once fall/winter roll around.
  • A flash drive – it really does come in handy!
  • Hand sanitizer – in love with The Honest Co. products
  • Orbit gum and mints – because chomping can be tacky

And this is why a cute purse/bag is essential to every woman.  We need these things to survive on a daily basis, right?  I’m currently carrying the Small Kelsey Coach bag in black, but am crushing on all the prints & colors for summer.


Seney – Aldo 
Emperia ‘Larissa’ – Nordstrom


Am I missing an essential?  I’d love to hear what you carry!  Comment below or tag me on Twitter – @agneswrightblog.

xoxo.  a



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