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Vacations don’t happen enough, do they?

We arrived back home from our four day hiatus in Marco Island, Florida and all that awaited us were loads of laundry and a reality check.  How do I get a job sitting right here?


Moving from this balcony proved a little difficult, but we managed to get away for a good pool day, a round of golf, a couple boat adventures, a little shuffleboard and of course, great food and cocktails.

First stop, Fiddler’s Creek Golf Course for a quick nine.  This place is beautiful.  Lined with palm trees and bright blooms, the cart path winds along waterways and over cobblestone bridges making every turn picturesque.  If you’re ever in southwest Florida and enjoy swinging the club (and losing a few balls), I highly recommend this oasis.

After catching rays inland, it was time to test the waters.  When you’re on an island where waterways make more sense than roads, it’s mandatory to get out on a boat.  Our adventures began with dolphin sightings and ended with a secluded beach near the infamous Dome Homes.  Never heard of them?  Read more about the mystery, here!


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Yes, it felt a bit like heaven.

And then it was time to eat.. and drink!
We had been to Marco Island before and knew a couple key restaurants to stop by.  The first, Snook Inn.  This place sits right on the water and has such a fun environment.  Live music and fresh fish can’t be beat!


Our second favorite spot is on a neighboring island, Goodland.  A drinking town with a fishing problem – and exactly what you’re picturing right now.  Crab pots and old fishing boats line the docks and the locals drive around in golf carts.  Little Bar Restaurant sits there nonchalantly waiting for you to stumble in.  A must stop!

Then there were the sunsets. We didn’t miss a single one and loved the million dollar view.  Getaways are simply good for the soul.

Now…. where can we go next. Any suggestions??

xoxo.  a

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