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grilled cheese.

Every day has cause for celebration – especially when it’s National Grilled Cheese Day! It has to rank high in the simplest of kitchen creations, but even so, it is delicious and solves all problems of the day.  Who is treating themselves tonight?

While you’re enjoying stacked bread, butter and cheese, swing over to my Etsy store and have a look!  I’ve posted some photography with the hopes of more coming soon, and of course, all the signature metal art creations.

My personal favorite – the zip code sign.  Just like grilled cheese, it is simple, but oh-so-fun to have.  A piece of art connected to home, wherever that may be.  We displayed ours with a couple other favorite pieces and I love the layered look that came from it.

We truly enjoy working on custom signs, so visit the Agnes Wright Etsy shop to learn more!


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