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A few years back, my mom and dad asked me to help re-decorate a guest room in their house on the farm.  #ThrowbackThursday!  I suppose the time comes when your son’s old Miami Dolphins decor just doesn’t cut it anymore.  So, I gladly accepted.

We wanted to keep the budget small, highlight the farm house charm, and make it cozy and comfortable for guests.  After a few short debates, we selected a beautiful pale yellow color for the walls which continued to be the base of our inspiration.

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Once the paint dried, our projects started and thanks to dad, we were able to pull off a gorgeous, handmade, rustic wood headboard.

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Look expensive?  We dug into the farm’s many buildings to find this one-of-a-kind board which was one piece until we cut it down into three sections.  I wanted the wood to look as natural as possible so we kept all the natural imperfections intact.  Each piece was cleaned with water and a wire brush, allowed to dry and then sealed with a clear topcoat.  We luckily had all supplies on hand, so this rang in at $0.00 and is now the focus of the entire room.

For the duvet, I lucked out by finding the floral yellow and gray set on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Find similar here.  The rest of the room came together rather quickly with re-purposed items from around the house.  Take a look:

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A very smart lady once told me every room should have two things: art & books.  Not a bad theory, right?

We pulled a couple short reads off the hallway bookshelf and placed them on the nightstand.  Books are decoration, too, but also nice in case your guest wants to flip a few pages before bed.  For the art, we found a vintage flower print that belonged to my great aunt.  Pure coincidence on color and I love how it brings in different shades of yellow.

Instead of lamp searching for months – does anyone else have this issue? – I found a couple candle holders in the basement and purchased battery operated candles for easy use.  I love the traditional look and it enhances the rustic farmhouse feel we desired.

One great thing about a guest room is how simple the decor can be.  We had one more corner that felt empty, and flowers or plants (even if they’re fake) are always a good option.  Mom had these items laying around and filling the vase with rocks brought an outdoor element inside.

I wish I could tell you where my empty frame art inspiration came from.  My best guess is while trolling around the basement, I liked the frames, but not the art inside.  Maybe?  Regardless, I used spray paint we had on hand and layered a few metallic colors to come up with two unique looks.  Check out more empty frame ideas on Pinterest.

The whole project was less than $150, so our goal was accomplished!  And most importantly, my parents and their guests have enjoyed it.

What home DIY’s do you have on the list and what do you think of this one?  Comment below – I’d love to hear from you!

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