You may have noticed my love for Dan Brown while reading the 50 Questions About Books post back in February.  I read The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons quite a few years ago – before either one hit the big screen – and it still amazes me how many details I can remember.  Thanks to my art-obsessed aunt, my love for Renaissance work developed at a young age, so you can imagine my enthusiasm while reading Da Vinci.  Then, despite my English teacher’s hesitation, A&D sparked ideas for a few research papers.  I think she aimed for more lighthearted ideas.

So, when I finally picked up Inferno this past winter, I figured I knew what to expect. Until I started reading.

Searching for words to describe this novel has been hard.  Haunting, beautiful, exciting, thrilling…  And that’s just the beginning.

Robert Langdon is at it again, but I solemnly swear to not spoil the story for you and refuse to give up even the tiniest detail.  Readers need to digest this one all by themselves.  Or read the official summary here before trusting my judgement. 

It’s not news to me that Inferno hit bookshelves back in 2013 and I’m a little behind.  But, I know all of you with a never-ending book list like me understand.  And this is the perfect year to pick it up!  Why?  The movie is set to hit the big screen in October and if they repeat their performance from Da Vinci and A&D, it’s not one to miss.  Get the details at IMDb.

For those of you who have read it, what did you think?

Keep reading, don’t ever stop.

xoxo.  a


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