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Confession:  I have not bought a pair of athletic shoes since 2009. Up until now, I’ve relied on my collection of Toms and discount flats to get by, spending most of my shoe budget on boots and strappy heels.  I prefer workouts that can be done barefoot, but the occasional run/walk was fine with my old Asics.

So when the “athleisure” trend hit hard and fast, you can only imagine my confusion and denial.  At some point in the last month, I came to terms with the idea of buying a pair of sneakers… and then I came home with two.  Bonus! They are husband approved since he’s been begging me to buy a pair since we met – it’s a win-win.

Nike Court Royale – White/Gold
Jordan Eclipse – Gray/Black

Yes, the Jordan’s are boy-sized shoes, but ladies, you need in on this.  They make great gender-neutral athletic shoes and if you have regular or smaller feet, larger youth sizes will still fit you.  And they can be half the price of adult styles!  This athletic thing is really working out in my favor.

I’ve already worn the sneakers more than I ever imagined, and in ways I hadn’t thought up yet.  Here are some inspo pictures I found to help get me started.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I put together!

Are you in on this trend?


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