happy st. patty’s day!

Besides the murmur of NCAA basketball game highlights, it doesn’t get much better than Irish music today.  Not every city has a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, but I’m sure you can find an Irish pub within reasonable distance.  And if you can’t… maybe consider moving.

Just kidding!

Any ol’ pub (or home) can be made cheery and a little Irish with the sound of bagpipes, a fiddle, and those catchy rhythms.  Right now, I have on a hometown favorite and a classic I assume gets played at most American St. Patty’s Day parties.

I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphy’s


Surprise!!  Two for one today.  I’m assuming most don’t have a playlist of Celtic punk-rock hanging out on their iTunes, so this one will cover all the bases.

Celtic Punk-Rock Music – Compilation (Playlist)


Music, drinks and a green t-shirt.  This holiday is simple.


xoxo.  a

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