galway girl.

Did you blink and miss February?

Well, welcome to March!  The month of everything green, cheery and boozy.  And maybe some college basketball.  But that’s nothing compared to the Irish, right?  *Wink*

I grew up with a mom from a devoted Irish family and in a town with green light poles, an Irish gift shop and an over-the-top St. Patrick’s Day festival.  Did I mention it’s one of the sister cities of Dublin, Ireland?

So, yes, March is a big deal for me and to most of my social circle.  Check out my shamrock Etsy listing inspired by my hometown here (customization available!).

In true fashion, my soundtracks this month will be SPD inspired.  To start it off, a classic.  Probably heard by most on the movie P.S. I Love You when Gerard Butler sings in the bar, but the original by Steve Earle is the best.

Steve Earle – “Galway Girl”

Feelin’ Irish yet?  Give it time.



xoxo.  a

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