leap day.

Happy leap day!

What have you done today to celebrate?  Anything crazy?

This day has been marked on our calendar all month as “do something special!” – maybe try a new restaurant, or go somewhere in the city we’ve never been.  I mean, it is a Monday, so we won’t get too out-of-whack.

The weekend flew by and our leap day was here.  Where are we?  At home.

As I was working thru my hectic day, I tried to boost my ambition to make last minute plans. It didn’t work.  Once home, I didn’t want to accept failure, so I decided to take a simpler approach to our extra day.

Put down the to-do list.  Make time to read my book, sketch and maybe pour a glass of wine. 

This day shall not be wasted on my regular routine where I run out of time to do what I love the most.  So, if you aren’t out there jumping out of plane or hang gliding,  I hope you will at least find some time for yourself tonight.



xoxo.  a



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