free the feet.

My feet haven’t seen sunshine since November, on our honeymoon in Cabo.  Once we arrived back in the Midwest, my socks were put on and the boots came out.  Since then, I haven’t mustered up any courage to wear flats for work or play considering the frigid temps and my constantly cold feet.

Today the forecast for temperature is around 47 degrees so I put faith in our weatherman and finally freed my feet.  Well, at least put on flats with no socks.  
Let’s take it slow.

As much as I love the snow and winter, I also love living in a state that is blessed with all the seasons.  Spring is my least favorite, but once I get over the little hump of sadness from melting snow, I get anxious for the next season’s personality.

To help hurdle myself over the spring hump, I made a list of my top 10 “most excited for”. It really does help!  Here they are:

  1. Spring planting on the farm
  2. Walking to our neighboring greenhouse and picking out plants for the garden
  3. Our local farmers market
  4. Bike rides
  5. Birds chirping
  6. Grilled hamburgers
  7. Smell of freshly mowed grass
  8. Wearing shorts with sweatshirts
  9. Being barefoot on the grass
  10. Late sunsets

See?  I’m not a sunshine scrooge.  I just need a little time… and a pedicure.

Happy Fri-yay!

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