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caught by the river.

My alarm clock went off at its usual time this morning, but I found myself getting out of bed quicker than normal.  On a Monday.. something must be wrong.

Quite the opposite as my purpose was to start off the week at a good pace – realizing February is almost over makes me want to be even more productive.  As usual, I have a list of to-dos in my head and need them transferred to paper before it all goes missing.

Where did I put my planner?

Despite my eager start to the day, I’ve found myself a little lost in it all.  Not feeling any creative juices flow, not willing to get organized, and maybe needing a second dose of coffee to make it thru the night.  I’ve warned you about my spring blues – there’s no snow left.

I’ve visited this side of my brain many times and am slowly getting better at fighting off the monster.  A few things that help – books, food and music.  Good thing I have the perfect playlist to put on repeat this week.

“Caught By The River” – Doves


Any “OC” fans still out there?  I know I’m not alone!

Soundtracks are the best, and Music From the O.C. Mix 1 makes a great playlist when nothing hits the spot.  Easy to listen to, easy to get lost in and perfect for summer nights (once we get there..).

Other favorites from the collection:

“Dice” – Finley Quaye
“Orange Sky” – Alexi Murdoch
“Paint the Silence” – South

If you are a fan, these songs will bring Cohen memories flooding back, making you pull out those old seasons and welcome Julie Cooper into your home.

Until Tuesday…

xoxo.  a






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