last minute valentine.

News flash!  Valentine’s Day is on Sunday.  Have you been oblivious to the grocery store flower display or managed to avoid the isles full of candy hearts and red and pink M&Ms?  Tell me your secret!

The year has gone freakishly fast already, so I understand where your head is.  How will it be mid-February?  Well, the good news is, there is still time to get your cards in the mail and if you don’t have time for a store run, you’re in luck!

Let the uninformed procrastinators fight store crowds for last minute cards.  There are so many options online for free, printable Valentine’s Day cards, and frankly, they are much cuter than store bought options!  Plus, it adds a creative, personal touch.

Here are my favorites!

For the sewing queen (or king):  Hearts Stitched Together – Dandee Designs

Even if you’re not great with needle and thread, this has a great tutorial and you’re sure to impress your special someone!

For the last-minute classroom or office handout:  Sweetheart Valentine’s Day Card

So cute and versatile, Bunny Cakes shares options for adding candy or delivering as is!

Sweetheart Cards

For the foodie – or just pizza lover:  A Pizza Valentine

This one may end up in my husband’s hands…

Fun for all ages, printable Pizza Valentines with

For the kid at heart:  Paper Airplane Valentine

printable paper airplane Valentine -

How cute and fun are those?

For the quirky one in all of us:  Pumpkins and Posies Valentine’s Day Printables

Everyone loves a cute monster!

2011 Valentine Card Print Out
This is a small sample of what is available out in the world wide web.  Search around and find something perfect for your person or persons!

Have fun!


xoxo.  a



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