throwback thursday.

In 2006, you would have found me ripping holes in my jeans, painting my fingernails black, discovering eyeliner and buying stock in graphic tees.  All while wearing a cheerleader uniform on Friday nights.  Everyone has a phase, right?

Mine just happened to be with punk rock music.  Or pop punk music, which is probably a more appropriate term.  My older brother would come home from college blaring bands like Angels & Airwaves, Cartel, Simple Plan and Yellowcard.  When he gifted me with a signed concert t-shirt from A Change of Pace, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

“Weekend Warriors” by A Change of Pace brings it all flooding back.  I can picture us driving around town late at night, windows down, songs on repeat, not having a care in the world.  Thinking we knew everything.  Ah, teenage freedom.

It’s safe to say I have grown out of the black fingernail phase, but I’ll always have the desire to be more edgy.  And I will always rock out to the music.  Always.

Why was this music so popular?  Maybe the lyrics fed on teenage angst, or maybe big bands like Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy steered the path to success.  Regardless, why did the trend have to end?  I’m requesting a comeback.

Hope you enjoy the flashback.  You’re welcome.


xoxo.  a


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