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no shadow.

A winter storm has blown thru the Midwest and the rhythmic sound of snow plows has been today’s background music at the office.  Punxsutawney Phil, our famous groundhog, did not see his shadow yesterday and it has everyone looking forward to an early spring. Well, most people.  I have my own opinions as you well know.

Spring is actually my least favorite time of year.  Some people get winter blues, but I tend to get spring blues.  The snow melts and the brown muck underneath sticks around until temperatures bring on green leaves and early blooms.  That’s when I can finally accept the season change.

One thing I can get excited for is planting season.  The farm gets moving again, the seeds are sown and the corn starts stretching it’s leaves towards the sky.

I took a round of farm photos well into the summer months last year, but thinking forward today made it appropriate to share.  Take a look.

The natural distress brings this barn to life.  It has always been my dad’s favorite and proves to be quite photogenic.

I’m looking forward to expanding the collection in a few short months.  Meanwhile, keep up with new products (hint, hint!) on my Etsy shop – Agnes Wright.




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