monday nights.

Another Monday has rolled around and I’m craving popcorn.  Every Monday, our mornings are groggy and our nights lack decent conversation. Leftovers were for supper and bad TV is the entertainment. Is it too late for coffee?

There’s something about Mondays.  How we end up giggling at the fact we have nothing to talk about – and if we do, it’s usually a boring work story.  How it’s a race to get into our sweats after work.  How our bodies quickly become one with the couch.

By Tuesday, we’ll be much more productive at work and we’ll talk about weekend plans when we get home. By Wednesday, we may venture out to eat or run errands.  By Thursday we’re excited for Friday.  And by Friday we’ve made it to another finish line.

Is this routine what makes weeks go by like days?  I’m continually fascinated by how fast time goes and everyone keeps telling me it will get worse with age.

Well, at least tomorrow is Tuesday.


xoxo.  a


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