pizza, pizza.

Does everyone have the same feelings about pizza?

We can’t find anything wrong with the bread, sauce, cheese and meat combo – what else do you need? Some variation of the Italian delight seems to make it into our weekly meal rotation, whether it’s take out, homemade or frozen.  And no-plan Saturdays are for pizza dates at the restaurant.

Tonight, we ventured to Wig and Pen in Ankeny.  This isn’t a regular spot of ours but they have a great menu and offer a specialty pizza – the flying tomato.  A pan thin crust with fresh mozzarella and sliced tomatoes make it a must.  The crust is buttery and crisp and the amount of cheese competes with Chicago-style deep dishes. Add any meat or veggies you like and dig in.

Yum. Put it on your restaurant list.

Now a piece of chocolate and a movie. Ahh, winter weekends.


xoxo.  a



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