Photography, winter.

winter session.


Wow, today was beautiful.

Only a little over an inch of snow fell yesterday evening and overnight, but it was the fluffy, peaceful kind that makes winter look flawless.  Today, the temp topped out at 21 degrees, the wind was silent and the sky remained gray, perfect for photos.

Snowy trees are my favorite and I wanted to capture the contrast between dark, wet bark and white snow laying on top. This park has woods for miles and a river running through, a local favorite.

Take a look:

For edits, I enhanced the contrast by playing with vibrance and black and white levels.  I love how the sky disappears and interesting forms appear, capturing a stark, icy winter.

The park was silent today and if the snow had been falling, it could have been mistaken for heaven.  At least my heaven.
Towards the end of my meandering, I discovered a lonely outdoor fireplace and couldn’t help but stop.  So otherworldly, just sitting outside by it’s lonesome.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Winter, that is.

Stay warm.

xoxo.  a

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