I came across this song last fall and it has been a regular on my “most recently played” list ever since.

To me, there is nothing better than discovering a true artist.  And I definitely feel this with Layla.  Her voice sums up what I like to hear in female vocalists. Something interesting, strong and unique.  It cuts through the music and makes you truly listen.

Smokestacks can be a soundtrack to cleaning the house, a road trip, a winter day, a summer day.. any day really.  The combination of her vocals and the strong instrumentals will have you mesmerized.  Put it on repeat and try to keep up with how many times you listen.  It will be a lot!
It has me tapping my foot under my desk today.

Listen here:



Layla’s last EP “Weightless” was released in November 2014, and now she duos with Oh Wonder – also worth checking out.

Visit them here, Oh Wonder Music.

Stay warm.

xoxo.  a

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