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october 22, 2016

No, I’m not getting married again.  But I have saved this date!

Our wonderful, great, amazing friends are getting married to each other and we could not be more excited.  October 22nd is the big day and the bride is knee deep in details.  I am so glad to be helping with input along the way – turns out I’m still not sick of planning!  As helpful as the Pinterest world can be, the imagination phase needs to result in a narrower, more complete idea to ensure your dream wedding is communicated properly.

That is where a mood board comes in.  Putting your favorite, cohesive images together will help the vision come to life.  Plus, it makes a cute keepsake for your wedding book.  Take a look at the one I created for her:

oct 22nd

After deciding on a fall wedding, she was immediately drawn in by this dusty blue color.  The ceremony is planned to be outdoors, by a lake, so these colors will be a beautiful contrast to a typical fall color palette.  Although outdoors, she leans towards elegant trimmings instead of a rustic look.  I think it’s genius.  It is unexpected and will be timeless.

Cranberry – this accent color is imperative to balance out the soft hue of blue.  Alongside champagne and numerous touches of gold accents, this combination is to die for.

Besides color, the most consistent element in images she chooses is texture.  The velvet bow on simple thermography invitations, the flowing chiffon skirts for her girls, lace details for herself, and the natural feel of the bouquets.  These textures will enhance the time of year and make her color palette fit right in with the falling leaves of the season.

I will not give up any details of her dress – my lips are sealed – but the groom will be in navy blue.  The monochromatic choice will accent dusty blue perfectly and the two colors mimic the lake’s reflections.

Other details she is considering – wooden arch filled with flowers for the ceremony, a s’mores bar, a naked wedding cake, mercury glass details for centerpieces, blanket basket for guests at the ceremony.

There is a lot of time left to get the details sorted out and I can’t wait to see it all take shape.  October is a beautiful month for weddings and this one will knock our socks off.

With wedding love,

xoxo.  a

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