coffee and instagram.

You always know it will be an off day when you skip the coffee routine.

After pulling on a cozy turtleneck sweater this morning, I brushed my teeth and tied my hair in a messy pony – the “i slept in look”.  It’s acceptable on a gloomy Friday, yes?  Then, as I was just about to rush out the door, I realized the delightful dark roast smell wasn’t wafting thru our living room.  Shoot.  That’s what I forgot.

As a result, today I will write the shortest blog post yet.

Don’t worry – I have great content in the making and I can’t wait to share it with you.  In the meantime, look me up on Instagram!


You’ll get updated regularly on blog posts, see even more pictures and images like “happy fri-yay”!  All originally created and edited by me.


xoxo.  a



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