“I was raised to believe I could change the world.  I’m desperate for you to show me the work we do here matters, even just a little bit.  I’ll make copies, I’ll fetch coffee, I’ll do the grunt work.  But I’m not doing it to help you get a new Mercedes. –An Open Letter to Management

Back in October, I stumbled upon yet another article on social media regarding us so-called millennials.  I have to admit, I read them all because I’m curious – what analysis have they done on our brains now?  Could there really be any theories left?

Anyone as curious as I am?  You need to read Why Millennials Keep Dumping You: An Open Letter to Management, co-written by by mother-daughter duo Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth McLeod.  Millennials, it will make your day – Baby boomers, you might roll your eyes… again.   Written by a millennial, An Open Letter to Management puts real perspective on what we’re thinking while isolated in our cubicles (or office if you’re lucky).

My husband and I are both employed at small, local companies, and like most couples, our nightly conversations tend to revolve around work.  Our goals, our failures, our successes, our conversations with superiors.  What’s most interesting is how often the generational gap comes into play.  The minute I read this article out loud, we realized almost all our frustration at work could be related back to one of the 4 points McLeod makes.

1. You tolerate low-performance  2. ROI is not enough for me  3. Culture is more than free Panera  4. It’s ok to get personal.  Read more here.

Are we all really that similar?

The article shares by 2020, millennials will make up 46% of the workforce.  It also says “you need us”.  And that’s true.  My peers may be dreamers, have the urge to meander and always act frivolously, but we’re  not lazy.  If you give us a reason to care, we’ll give you all we have.  We’re surrounded by opportunities that generations before us never could have imagined, and our kids will have even more.  If we want to quit our job, we’ll do it.  If we want to get paid while sitting at home or work out of the nearest coffee shop, we’ll figure out how.  Every day we’re confronted with ways to make our dreams reality.

This IS our reality, so please don’t get frustrated with us.  We have ideas, we will change the world, and we won’t settle for anything less.

xoxo.  a


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