Confession time: I am an awards season junkie.  The red carpet, the dresses, the tuxes, the nominees, the hair, the jewelry, the hype, the glamour.  Hollywood always brings their A-game and I can only dream of witnessing an event of that magnitude.  If only I had a glam squad.

Last night, the Golden Globes kicked off the season and I was glued to E! Live from the Red Carpet watching all the celebrities emerge from their limos and into the flashing lights.  I continued to watch every award presentation and every speech until Leo grabbed Best Actor for The Revenant in the finale.  And now, I am currently watching the red carpet recap on Fashion Police.  For photos, check out E! Online.

I not only love the hype of awards shows, but also the motion pictures and television which inspires recognition.  From a young age glued to Bambi, watching movies and diving into TV shows has been a constant hobby.  Most of America can relate, as cinema has been very influential on us all.  One thing I gain from all these hours of watching is music.  My iTunes is stock full of soundtrack songs and I can always picture the scene or a moment while listening.  So, this past weekend while I was cuddled under blankets avoiding the cold outside, I grabbed Love Happens out of my DVD collection.  This movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart and is a must see.  Add it to your list!

From this movie, I got my soundtrack for the week.  Listen below –
Lake Michigan – Rogue Wave

It has subtle lyrics with great instrumentals.  Perfect for a cold, January week.

Hope you enjoy.

xoxo. a


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