agnes., winter.

dear mother nature.

We need to talk.

Your decision to make El Niño a doozy this year had forecasters talking record precipitation.   It made me all excited for snow measured in feet instead of inches and my hopes continued to rise when snow fell on Christmas Eve and again the week after.  The inches gathered, grass disappeared and temperatures leveled to keep it around.

But today you sent rain instead.

As much as I enjoy your calm, cool, wet days in the spring and summer, today will just not do.  The rain will slowly eat away at the precious snow and soon we will be left to stare at the brown, muddy mess underneath.


Everything you create is beautiful, but the snow is my favorite.  I dream about winters when grass didn’t show for 3 straight months and the white powder piled up to the sky.  We built snow forts, went sledding and our snow gear decorated the dining room.  I think mom had the hot chocolate on tap.  Ahh, is this heaven?

I know you get a lot of grief for the cold weather and snowy days, but I hope you know people who love your January’s are still here.  Keep the snow falling, pile it to new heights.  I’ll keep my toes warm with fuzzy socks and call mom for her coco recipe.

Long live winter.

All the best,

xoxo. a



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