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I’m new to this blogging thing.

I’ve been at it roughly 3 weeks, plus a few days, and have already experienced the roller coaster ride it can take you on.  Like any job, some days are great and others are a true struggle.

The first piece of advice I received was to seek out and read posts from other bloggers, connect with the blogging community. What makes others tick, what keeps them motivated and going strong.  It proved to be an interesting discovery.  While meandering thru some fellow Word Press users, I came across a post about NaNoWriMo.  Since acronyms rule the basic millennial mind, I clicked.

Turns out, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month which happens November 1st thru the 30th.  The purpose – write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  Whhhhaaat?!  It’s true, look here.

In no way am I a writer, or a novel writer at that, but the theory is interesting.

This idea does not exist to create the next Harry Potter series or write a classic like The Great Gatsby, but it does exist to give you a jump start at creative writing.  It helps (actual) writers break thru mental boundaries maybe only starving artists, or writers, understand.  No matter how bad the content, no matter how many spelling or grammar errors, you get that novel out in 30 days.  It will force your brain to a new level and aid a breakthrough.

A fellow blogger over at o! wandering folk created her own, abbreviated NaNoWriMo and has inspired me to do the same.

100 words for 100 days.

Much more feasible than a 50,000 word novel since I’ve never considered adding “author” to my resume.  “Blogger” will do for now.

100 days from today will get me to Thursday, April 14th, 2016.  A normal, insignificant day to me, until I decided to take on this challenge.  Now, it will hopefully be my marathon finish line.  Since I will never actually run 26.2 miles – this is equivalent, right?

I did not make a list of resolutions for 2016, but I believe NaNoWriMo is THE resolution.  My content will stay the same, and I hope to improve my writing on topics I feel passionate about.  It will force me to think creatively every day and help me focus on what I love most.

Thank you in advance for the support.  I look forward to any comments, suggestions or inspiration – keep it coming.

I’ll need a drink when it’s over.


xoxo. a










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