Have yourself a merry Christmas.

While I finished baking the last batch of sugar cookies this morning, a Christmas movie was playing on TV, the house smelled of freshly brewed coffee, and the presents eagerly sat under our lighted tree.  The perfect setting for Christmas Eve day…

…and then it started to snow.  Quietly and peacefully.

Isn’t there something beautiful about falling snowflakes on the eve of such a wonderful holiday?  When my eye caught a glimpse out the window, everything went on hold, and I was reminded of the reason Christmas is so magical.  It is not about the to-do list or the presents under the tree – it is about family, friends, joy, love, peace and hope.  It is about reflecting on the year behind us and being hopeful for what’s ahead.  It is about finding peace within yourselves and feeling blessed for everything we have.

Don’t get me wrong, I also love the treats, the food and the gifts we pass around – but those are just tangible extensions of what we feel inside our hearts.  Cherish the moments these next few days will bring, no matter how happy, sad, or crazy they may be.  Whether  you are playing a board game with your grandparents, drinking too much wine with your mom or playing blanket tug-of-war with your spouse, be grateful.

And if we’re lucky enough to get more snow, take a second to stare out the window.  There’s a reason Hollywood puts a scene like this in every Christmas movie – it’s magic.

I wish you a holiday filled with peace and joy and hope you are spending it with the ones you love the most.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

xoxo. a





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