let it snow.

Why is it snowing on my blog, you ask?
Because it’s Christmas!

Only 9 days left to go, which means our house is scattered with wrapping paper scraps, bows, tinsel and…. I need tape.

After the gifts are bought, I run into the craft store and load up on gift wrap, ribbon & bows (hint: don’t go too early, it all goes on sale for the procrastinators like me!).  Every year, I choose a different motif for the collection of packages.  If your pine is the center of attention during the holidays, why not make your packages stand out with it?!

I’m typically a sucker for bold red and sparkly gold, but for 2015, I hopped on the plaid trend.  Target, you get me every time!  I still didn’t want to overload on pattern, so I also chose craft paper to keep a more neutral palette.

I loved using craft paper for the bigger packages.  Literally any ribbon will accent well and (bonus!) you can sketch or draw on it to add a personal touch.

The black tags were my favorite find.  It is unexpected but adds a chic look to the red tinsel ribbon I used.  A simple black Sharpie makes a perfect sketching tool.  Try using green, red, or silver for more variety!

Always keep an eye out for accent pieces.  The nostalgic truck bag is perfect for one small gift, plus it stands out from the crowd and adds to the collection.  I also chose to add a little touch of bronze (leftover from fall wedding season) on a few small packages.  It grabs your eye and is a fun surprise!

Just like great food, packages need a garnish.  Both the frosted cranberries and greenery were found on the 50% off rack and can be torn apart to use on multiple gifts.

Now, let’s toast our beautiful gifts!


xoxo. a


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