Its the beginning.

I’m obsessed with beginnings.
When I see the Universal globe glide across the TV on a Sunday afternoon, I have to freeze in the middle of our quaint living room to catch the opening scene Hollywood created to grab our attention.  Once it’s over, cleaning activity can lazily resume (unless it’s Forrest Gump – always say yes to Forrest Gump).   When I finish a book, I flip back to page one so I can remember where the character started and what changed along their journey. My favorite iTunes playlist is stock full of songs with powerful first chords or vocal notes – I can hit skip after that “Bittersweet Symphony” crescendo is over.  And I know I’m not alone in thinking the first sip of coffee is only so divine because it symbolizes a fresh beginning to a new day.

Don’t get me wrong, I also can’t look away when Mr. Big finally finds Carrie in Paris and proves happily ever after really does exist.  And don’t even think about interrupting me during John’s fist pump at the end of The Breakfast Club, or the heart-wrenching finale of The Family Stone (no spoilers here!). But, I’ll take Carrie with that lipstick stained cigarette, 90s LBD and no inhibitions any day.

Because, beginnings. They are beautiful, vulnerable and honest.

Disclaimer: I cannot promise there will be no more SATC references during the entirety of this blog. And no, you did not underestimate my SJP obsession.

With this complex of mine, I find it right to make the first post about my beginning.  As the years go by, I realize this really is the reason behind all my strengths, weaknesses and oddities. Alongside my wonderful husband (a new beginning to touch on later!), it is what keeps me stable day in and day out.


My upbringing would be what you call “ordinary” in our Midwestern state, but I don’t see it that way.  I had one older brother to look up to and 4 acres of adventure at my door step every morning.  Even though my mom dressed me to the nines on Sunday mornings, Monday thru Saturday I was determined to have dirt under my nails and Band Aids on my legs, proving I could keep up with the best of ‘em.

The adventures of a farm kid are endless – especially when you’re blessed to know what life was like before iPads and having parents who think video games were a waste of time and money.  But, the real treasure is in the view….



Maybe you don’t get it… yet.  But you will.  #moretocome

Even though I chose a path that wouldn’t lead me back home after college, it still runs deep in my veins.  It is the place where I was inspired to discover my passions.  It is the place I can return to and recharge my batteries.  To remember where I started and how far I’ve come.

I did stay in Iowa for college, but ventured to Colorado for an internship where my love for the mountains grew endlessly.  Driving up 5,000 feet every day to work at sunrise will do that to you.  I’ve had a love affair with the East Coast visited places all over the US, traveled to Europe and most recently Mexico.  Un mas cerveza por favor!  I had no idea where I was headed once my college adventure ended, but when I met my husband I decided Des Moines wouldn’t be so bad after all.

And I love it.

This blog will feature many things I’m passionate about – food, photography, art, books, travel and fashion.  But you may also find a daily dose of something simple.  Because sometimes, the sun rising in the morning, or the crisp winter air hitting your face, is all you need to feel happy today.


xoxo. a

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